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Sitting: It's role in diabetes and disease

Posted on April 7, 2015 at 6:30 AM

You get the picture. Sitting is bad for your health. But WHY?

Even people who exercise vigorously everyday are at risk for increasing their risk for diabetes, heart disease, and cancer if they sit too long.

Exercising or even just meandering around the living room for a mere minute makes the muscles in the legs contract. These contractions move blood around the body more focefully than if you were sitting. Sitting makes the blood in your legs lie stagnant. It's this lack of forceful circulation that sets you up for disease. The lack of forceful circulation, we call it sheer force, damages the endothelium, the unimaginably fragile cells that line the walls of the arteries. You can learn more here.

Sitting for more than an hour at a time makes the blood collect in the legs which results in higher blood sugar numbers.

So, get up and MOVE!

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