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Glucozone exercise: Exercise to lower your blood sugar

Posted on October 24, 2015 at 9:50 AM

Exercise lowers blood sugar. Exercise helps to move the sugar from your blood into the muscles so it can be used for energy.

This exercise routine works all of your muscles, but it focuses on the muscles that you use when you walk. As these lower leg muscles get stronger, you will be able to walk longer, faster, and further, letting you lower your blood sugar more. You can do this in your living room.

As you watch the video, the brown-haired gal on the right of your screen is showing you how to do a lower level of the workout  -- if you need a less intense workout. The blonde gal on the left is doing a harder version.

No high impact activities, no weights, just the best exercise for increasing insulin sensitivity and lowering glucose levels. Developed in the Fitscript Diabetes training studio.

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