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How to build a health savings account to lower your blood glucose

health savings account Mar 08, 2020

We all have values.

You know, the things that we do or think that that make us who we are and shape how we live. They (should) determine your priorities. Telling the truth, working hard, not quitting, you know, those sorts of things.

My dear friend Jenn teaches her clients to invest in a health savings account, and I LOVE that idea. It's like a regular savings account; you make deposits and withdrawals. Not with money, but with thoughts and behaviors. And your goal is, just as in a bank-based savings account, to keep a positive balance. Better yet to accumulate a lot of money in your account so you'll have a cushion live off of for when the you're not able to make deposits.

For instance, every time you eat a salad or you go for a walk, you're making a deposit in your health savings account. And every time, say, you skip your workout or have too many drinks, you're making a withdrawal. Deposits are not just limited to food and exercise. Meditating, spending time with family and friends, and occasionally pampering yourself are also deposits in your account.

Having a healthy balance in your account will give you something to draw on if going gets tough. For example, what were to happen if you needed surgery? Having a large balance in your health savings account might mean that your body is more ready for the insults of anesthesia and long periods of inactivity that lie ahead. You're stronger and better able to bounce back to your regular lifestyle.

So go ahead and make a lot of deposits. No matter how small, keep accruing them. Minimize withdrawals because someday -- you may just have to make a big one.

It's easy to make deposits in your health savings account. Start with your diet. There are some big ticket items that can make a big difference to the balance in your account.

To make it easy for you to know which deposits can make the most impact on your bottom line, especially with your blood glucose, download my 5 diet tips to PERMANENTLY lower your blood glucose. These 5 tips will not only lower your blood glucose, but they will grow your balance FAST!

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