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Why olive oil is not a healthy fat and might be CAUSING your type 2 diabetes

fats oil Feb 11, 2020

Think you know about healthy fats? If you think that olive oil is a healthy fat, you're wrong.

Healthy fats come as part of a whole food. An olive has healthy fat but only when you eat the fat WITH the rest of the olive. A fat can only be healthy if you're eating the whole olive. If you pull the fat out of the olive, you get oil. And oil causes type 2 diabetes.

No matter which kind of oil you use -- olive, safflower, grape seed, walnut -- it's all oil. In every tablespoon of oil, there are 120 calories of pure fat. That's 14 grams of fat.

Sure we need healthy fats, about 20-30 grams per day. More than that increases the risk for diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.

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