Erasing Diabetes -- winning WITHOUT meds 

Erasing Diabetes - Diabetes Help - East Hampton, New York

Peggy Kraus, CDE, RCEP is a certified diabetes educator and a clinical exercise physiologist. She treats people, not with drugs and procedures, but with food and exercise, both medically-proven approaches to reversing diabetes.

Undergraduate studies at Queens College CUNY and a Masters level education from New York University have provided Peggy with the academics of sound nutrition and an expertise in exercise physiology. 

She has worked at Southampton Hospital's CardioPulmonary Rehabilitation Center for more than 21 years, and she is a Wellness Challenge coach. She is certified to teach plant-based nutrition, and believes that a real food diet and exercise can maintain and restore good health.

Peggy’s success lies in her ability to teach the simple details of nutrition and exercise as they relate to improving health.