Erasing Diabetes -- winning WITHOUT meds 

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In 2014, Dick Bulloss came to the very first Erasing Diabetes meeting, and he learned that eating foods that are high in fiber and low in fat could reverse type 2 diabetes. Over the next few years, Bulloss gradually made changes to his diet, and he added regular exercise and resistance training to his lifestyle. At his last office visit, Bulloss's doctor stopped all of his diabetes medications. 

The blood tests prove it. Bulloss has erased diabetes.

In January 2018, Thomas weighed almost 250 pounds. His A1C was at an all-time high of 11.6%, and his fasting blood glucose was 432. He couldn’t play tennis -- as he loved doing all his life before being diagnosed with diabetes -- let alone walk for any distance without becoming short of breath and fatigued. That's when he decided to change things around, and he started the Erasing Diabetes program.

Straight away, Thomas made positive changes to his diet, deciding to follow a plant-based diet, and he refined his exercise program with great outcomes. In July, Thomas was able to stop all of his medications. In August, he won the 22nd Annual KRA Invitational Tennis Tournament and is now playing tennis, both singles and doubles, 6-7 days a week. He’s also running 5-10K runs .

Thomas has now lost 42 pounds and dropped his A1C more than 5 points. His goals are to weigh 178 pounds and to get rid of diabetes altogether.

"Thanks so much, Peggy. Since I left your office I have put nothing but perfect natural food in my body. Thank you for sending me in a positive direction."  

-- Bill B.

It took Bill only three months to lose 70 pounds and bring his A1c down from 9.8 to 5.6. His cholesterol level dropped 80 points, and he says he feels great.

"I got my A1c down from 7.3 to 6.0. Blood sugar ranges from 86 to 110. Thanks!"
                                                                                        -- Fred D.

Fred is now retired, but still very active. He is enjoying spending time with his wife and his dogs in his healthier body.
"The program that Peggy put me on radically changed my life. Within three months after my Diabetes diagnosis, I went from feeling scared and out of control to being in full control of my health resulting in normalizing my blood sugar levels without medication. Peggy was fully engaged in the process and gave me the tools and knowledge to make the change.”        —  Peter F.

Peter dropped his A1c 3.7 points in 10 weeks and lost 20 pounds and reduced his cholesterol to 156 in 3 months.
Read more about Peter and how he erased diabetes here.
"I will...move forward with a better understanding of Diabetes and how my food choices and exercise will enable me to keep my A1c level in the normal range. This program ... gave me much better insight as to how I could alter what once might have been the inevitable by making better choices."                 --- Arlene C.

Arlene's A1c is falling slowly, and she has lost 19 pounds since starting the program. She is a polio survivor, and her attitude toward success is refreshing.